When the 28-year-old goldsmith Roman Tavast founded his company from scratch, his eye for outstanding details made him into one of the most esteemed badge, medal and decoration manufacturers of 1923 and decades to come.

He began by accepting commissions in a tiny room in Tallinn. Since then, Tavast’s singular sense of style and high level of artistry have always accompanied his work and that of the best goldsmiths of Estonia who continue his work today. When all kinds of new organisations were springing to life in the buzzing 1920s, Tavast’s company became the proud provider of their corporate jewellery. He became the master of forging love and recognition into visible form.

In a couple of legendary years, Tavast’s distinctive style had landed his company international fame and recognition, and the masters had commissions coming in from the Baltics, Finland and Denmark. In the following 17 highly successful years, the goldsmith’s unrelenting strive towards the best possible quality helped his company grow into a team of 70 visionaries. The masters’ impassioned approach towards their work also turned the company store with its grand oak interior and fancy glass display cases into one of the most fashionable and admired stores in the entire country.

After the forced pause of the Soviet occupation, the company was re-established by Roman Tavast’s son in 1993. Since then, the work of Estonia’s most talented goldsmiths is yet again known by the name of the company’s founder. Tavast continues to manufacture the majority of state decorations for the Republic of Estonia and corporate jewellery demanding the most intricate skills and craftsmanship.

Thus, the skills of the visionary goldsmith keep on living in every piece of work Tavast creates. During the last century, the masters gathered inspiration and knowledge from all across Europe. Now you can reap the benefit.